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Who doesn't love to travel? For me the biggest source of angst when planning a trip was finding someone to care for my nearly 9-year-old beloved cat, Wilson. If you are on this website researaching possible pet care solutions, you obviously love your little critter too, and had the same concerns I had. I always felt guilty about leaving him behind, and never wanted to inconvenience friends and family by asking them to come by the 

house to feed and water Wilson, let alone show him a little love ! Putting him in a kennel or kitty hotel was never an option.He is happiest at home with his toys and his favorite chair to snooze in.

I feel truly lucky to have met Debby. From our first meeting, I felt really comfortable with her and learned quickly that she shared a love of animals and was a fellow "pet parent" It was a huge leap of faith. This business transaction involved turning over my house key and the care of Wilson over to a virtual stranger. I'm glad to have taken that leap. Upon request, Debby will send you daily emails updating you on how your pet is doing, what he played with that visit, what his mood was like etc. She'll even send you a digital photo if you'd like! Knowing that Wilson is being cared for by someone who shares a love of animals and has experience in pet care allows me to relax and enjoy my holidays. I've found Prefurred Pet Care to be reliable, professional, and well-worth my repeat business. Knowing that Wilson is well-cared for while I'm away puts my mind at ease and I think you'll feel the same way. 

Kim and Wilson

I truly cannot thank her enough! Debby has been walking my two puppies, 9 months and 7 months, since September of 2008. I interviewed a few different people after I decided to have someone come in and walk my dogs while my husband and I were at work. When I met Debby, I was immediately put at ease. She was obviously an animal lover and my puppies took to her right away.

Debby understands how important our dogs are and she is committed to providing the best care possible. I will admit I was unsure at first about having a relative stranger come into my house and entrust them with my animals, but it has been a wonderful experience for both my dogs and I. Debby is fully insured and bonded and I can leave for work in the morning secure in the knowledge that Debby will be there to walk Merlin and Maverick. It is incredible the amount of stress lifted from my shoulders knowing she is there. My husband and I had tried to leave the dogs when we first brought them home, with disastrous results. Merlin and Maverick are just two young to be left for 8 hours. My husband and I now come home to two very relaxed dos that have had company, exercise and a much needed bathroom break during the day. Debby keeps me apprised of how Merlin and Maverick did on their walk and we communicate regularly using our "Doggy Diary". Debby is reliable and flexible. She understands that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise and, as a teacher, I have a tendency to bring some pretty nasty bugs into the house. Debby's rates are very reasonable and for the peace of mind she provides the cost has been more than worth it. I would recommend Debby in a heartbeat. Her affection for animals and the invaluable services she provides are second to none.

Prefurred Pet Care Services is a kind, meticulous, professional pet care giver. We are a pet family of 3 Cats, 11 Fish and 2 Bird Feders that holiday about twice a year. So, when it comes time to travel we are assured the peace of mind knowing that Prefurred Pet Care Services will maintain the

household routine. In the past we counted on friends and family for vacation pet care but found that it was too demanding and inconvenient. Prefurred Pet Care Services not only provides the same care we would give but is also aware of special needs and willing to provide them. Prefurred Pet Care Services is easily contacted and responds fast whether through email or phone calls. When we get home our pets are calm and happy.

Whitney P.

I would recommend Debby/Prefurred Pet Care Services to any pet owner who,

for whatever reason cannot spend as much time as they would like with their pet. Debby came to my home each day while we were at work to walk (and cuddle) my new 8 week old puppy Stella.

Stella ended up at 3 months having to have stomach surgery and Debby continued to come everyday to spend time with her and I know helped in her very swift recovery. Debby is very professional, punctual and trustworthy and truly cares for your pet ! I know Stella looked forward to her walks with Debby everyday and it helped so much in getting her out and 

socialized with the other dogs they would meet up with on their walks ! Thanks to Debby, Stella has graduated on to Doggy Day Care, however I would never hesitate to use Prefurred Pet Care Services in the future and would recommend them to anyone who has ever thought about this type of service ! You can be comfortable in knowing that your pet will be in great hands! Thanks Debby and Prefurred Pet Care Services.

Sheri F.

Laura P.

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